About Smooth Exit Consulting

Two motives determined me in founding Smooth Exit Consulting: First my own experience of exits and transition  – in professional and private life and on both sides of the table. 

And secondly, how alone you are sometimes as a manager in certain situations and how much you would appreciate an exchange with an independent person outside of work and private life to create space for yourself and to find resources and re-invent yourself. 

Goals and values

The vision of Smooth Exit Consulting is it to contribute to the long-term and sustainable improvement of exit cultures in companies of all sizes: away from “being fired” and  “golden handshakes” towards a culture of fair, successful and appreciative separation of career path. 

You always meet twice in life -and yesterdays fired employee can be colleague, customer or boss in a new environment tomorrow.

On the other side of your maximum fear are all of the best things in life.

(Will Smith)

What do I stand for?

  • For heart, humor, brain and various personal crisis and disaster experiences – I am partner, creative mind, companion, supporter, courage-maker, learner, force-giver, resource finder, challenger, lateral thinker and sparring partner.
  • More than twenty years of professional experience as a manager in IT, financial services and consulting.
  • Certified Consultant, Resilience Trainer and Career Coach.
  • My self-conception as your consultant: As a traveler you determine the topic, direction, destination and cruising speed of our journey. The tour guide (advisor) withholds his own value concept. The attitudes and values of the traveler are inviolable, full confidentiality is essential. The destination can change during the journey, the desire to travel can disappear on the way. All this is possible and will be taken into account in the planning and implementation at any time - you are at the center of our journey!

You need an impulse speaker with the perfect mix of information, entertainment and thoughtfulness on the topic “Crisis Management 4.0 – how better to position yourself as a manager for the” digital.