Creating a positive transition experience


“Resilience” is neither a buzzword nor a “Teflon” coating…

… but rather a clear basic resource and ability of humans for tens of thousands of years to deal well and optimally with their everyday stress, but also with crises.

Every person and every organization is absolutely unique – and transformation and crises are currently demanding a lot from organizations and people.

Here, as an IHK-certified resilience trainer, coach and crisis traumatologist, I create clarity about individual and organizational stress systems, their values, drivers, vulnerabilities and protective factors and develop your crisis skills for you and or your team through to optimal recovery strategies to make them even better, more efficient and easier and to be able to live more successfully in everyday working life or to get over stressful life or leadership moments.

I am supported in this by the broad wealth of experience and knowledge from my own life, the insights and methods of Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy, existential philosophy and spiritual leadership, The Wholeness Work by Connirae Andreas and mental toughness concepts by Wim Hof and US Navy Seals

For me, resilience is above all about creating inner clarity with brain, heart, humor and lightness – for more joyful, happier and more fulfilling life “surfing” in sometimes stormy times.

You can't stop the waves but you can learn. to surf.