Creating a positive transition experience

Process Flow

Added value for your company:

Fully individualizable, flexible, combinable and tailored solutions for your needs – this is what distinguishes Smooth Exit Consulting from competitors.

There is a space between stimulus and reaction. In this room lies our power to choose our reaction. Our reaction is our development and our freedom.

What should be provided, which period is given, what are the conditions regarding the number of leaving employees, budgets, works council, communication?

What values ​​does your company have, how did you release staff so far, what are strengths and weaknesses, risks and opportunities, what do you want to change?

What would a smooth exit culture look like in the medium and long term to reflect your values ​​lived in the company? How do you measure success for your business, what do you want to achieve?

Together we develop a detailed and individual employee profiling and identify know-how carriers whose knowledge has to be secured and combine this with the requirements of the works council and the personal situation of the employees.

In dialogue with the works council we define individual exit options and scenarios and determine time horizons, communication strategy and implementation framework of separations.

Leadership training is one of the core elements of a Smooth Exit – only those who are well prepared can set the right tone at the right moment. The separating executives are individually, employee-related and comprehensively prepared for the separation discussion. In addition to the planning of choreography and setting the training of stressful discussion situations is in the foreground.

We go to the separation interview together. The affected employee already receives a set of possible separation scenarios and options in the separation interview and receives personal support offers in the period after the separation interview. In critical cases, mediative support is taken on board.

Together with Smooth Exit Consulting, the employee identifies the options in place and puts the package together: from new placement on top to severance pay or extended release with know-how transfer or assistance in relocating new position: in the exit packages the employee experiences the esteem he or she knows from his or her previous professional life.

Depending on the agreed package, the departing employee passes on his knowledge and his assessment of the company in a structured process: Within “employees journey” the exit is an unique opportunity to bring improvement potentials in the company openly on the table. The suggestions of the departing employee are recorded and transferred to a management report.

Follow-Up “Survivors” and Lessons Learned – what’s next with the team, what worked well in the separation, what could have gone better, where can we improve our culture of separation?