Creating a positive transition experience

Fair exit culture

Transform leaving employees into brand ambassadors 

A company has a fair exit culture when exits are as well part of the “employees journey”:


Values that are promised during recruiting apply as well when one day the contract is terminated – for whatever reason. Companies and employees experience the exit as a “win-win situation”, and the exit happens so smoothly that a future re-cooperation is even conceivable. Ideally, the exiting employee transforms into a positive brand ambassador for the company.

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.
(Henry David Thoreau)

For whom fits Smooth Exit?

  • For companies that consider engagement for their employees as part of a shared “journey”.
  • For companies where fairness and corporate values are real living assets and no b… sh*t bingo.
  • For companies that recognize that leaving employees can be transformed into valuable brand ambassadors.
  • For companies that realize that this supports recruiting efforts.

… and for whom not?

  • For companies that only see the cost factor “human resources” and want to reduce as many employees as quickly as possible.
  • For companies that propagate “values” on their websites,  but practise a culture of fear in daily business life.
  • For companies that are convinced that data, not people, are the most important future resources for their digital transformation.
  • For companies that believe that you’re only a real manager when you’ve already fired people, and that preparation or follow-up are for whimps as these should be part of the natural leadership skill set of an executive.
  • For companies that have “death rooms” in which employees unwilling to separate are “boiled” down by forced inactivity.
  • For companies that see “offboarding” as a task of HR and labor lawyers only.

You have the choice

Which company would you rather choose as a “high potential”?

If you are interested in a sustainable and fair culture of exit management, then I am looking forward to an exchange with You.