Transition consulting and coaching

When it´s time to change something – in your job, within your team, your attitude – or your salary.


You have been separated and are looking for a career adviser who knows from own experience how you feel and hat it is like to be separated? You do not fancy standard solutions but value personal advice at eye level?

Then I am your partner: We jointly analyze your current situation and work on the separation experience. We develop your strengths and goals – with regard to your personal concerns and with regard to an interesting employer. We prepare applications and job interviews together in detail.

Until the successful end of the probationary period, I am at your disposal as a partner and support you in successfully arriving in a new position.

transparentes Leerbild
transparentes Leerbild

Break ground

  • Want to break new ground professionally and you need advancement, descent or exit advice or a work-life harmonization?
  • You want to change or you are just being changed by the job? You have been released and do not know how to go on? You find yourself after years of leadership in a new "agile environment" and in a line function with less responsibility?
  • You finally want to do something different, and think about where the journey could go or how to find an elegant exit from your present professional environment ?!
  • Your schedule is bursting at the seams and you would like to have more time for family and hobbies?

Then let us talk and develop the best solutions for you!

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Salary Coaching

Your salary increase is overdue, but you do not know how to get it, you have no idea where your salary stands compared to the market?

Here optimal preparation and an individual strategy might help. We analyze your current market value, define your optimal salary goal and develop a personal strategy for the increase.

We develop strong arguments to convince your boss and improve your appearance and your rhetoric in real-life sparring, so that you are optimally prepared for the salary negotiation.